Say hello to Evo. Same people. New look.

James Shakespeare Written by James Shakespeare

2 min read   -  9th January, 2023

Why our rebrand is all about you

When we first launched in 2008, we were a tech agency building ecommerce websites. Hence Evosite - literally evolving sites.

A service you’ll still get from us today but that too has evolved. Marketing has moved from the traditional silos of web development followed by ways to generate traffic that are woefully unconnected. You need to look at the whole customer journey. End to end. From the first contact with the brand, to the sale and everything in between.

So, we found ourselves in a place where we’re doing so much more than building ecommerce sites. And not shouting about what else we can do to help you.

Goodbye Evosite. Hello Evo.

The Evo-lution

It’s always been about more than the tech. If you strip us to our core we’re about evolution. It drives everything we do for you. As ecommerce specialists, conversion should be a given – it's continually growing your business that gets us excited.

The new shapes are a nod to what we love to do and how we do it. We work in partnership with you to solve complex technical problems. Exploring and developing solutions until all the pieces of the puzzle fit together perfectly.

Let’s build something better

What we do for you can and should go far beyond just websites and online stores. Our service isn’t just integrated from a tech perspective, it’s integrated with your business as a whole; a partnership that spans from strategy and development to PPC.

After 15 years in business, we’ve learned that being completely transparent, both internally and externally, is essential for success. We encourage our team to try new things, to make mistakes, to learn from them – this goes from junior developers to our Managing Director (who joined as a junior developer). No one evolves by doing the same thing over and over.

The glowing transparencies and gradients are a reflection of this. Our aim is quite literally to build something better and illuminate your path to long-term growth.

EVO Office

But what’s actually changed?

Our approach to work hasn’t changed. We’re still the same team of innovative technical experts, brilliant creatives and insightful strategists. Still crafting resilient ecommerce solutions. Still passionate about delivering you exceptional results.

We’re a people-led business - our side and yours. We're nothing without them and their dedication. From the start, we’ve nurtured a culture of technical curiosity and a hunger to grow.

What has changed are our ambitions for the future. Watch this space for some exciting new developments to our services in 2023 and beyond.

EVO Office Life

Not just a jazzy new logo

It’s easy to think a rebrand is just a fresh coat of paint and a jazzy new logo. It’s more than that. What we’re really excited about is what it represents for you.

We hope you’ll feel the difference - the Evo-lution.

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