Google Marketing Live 2022

Ellie Burns Written by Ellie Burns

2 min read   -  1st May, 2022

Google Marketing Live 2022

Off the back of Google Marketing Live 2022, I wanted to take the time to summarise the key announcements and developments in Google that we can expect over the coming year. A lot of it comes as no surprise, while other announcements look to emphasise the importance privacy has to play and more transparency in automation. Something we all appreciate is needed.

The key areas raised include:

Search Being More Visual

Search & Shopping

The term they’re using is ‘immersive ads’ which translates to more imagery and videos being used in ‘rich’ search results.

Meanwhile, shopping ads in the US are getting a revamp, which will head across the pond in no time at all.

There is also the rollout of a Google Shopping link up with Video Action Campaigns and app campaigns which will scale up to YouTube Shorts. This will allow a joined up approach to encourage purchasing directly from the ads, this shopping link is expected to be rolled out later in the year.

AI Based Advertising


Automation has been playing a greater role in Google Ads since the introduction of smart campaigns, and now the reign of Performance Max.

We will soon be able to perform A/B split tests to measure the incremental impact of these performance max campaigns.


The greatest thing we can expect, however, is that they’re making it easier to get insights about how these campaigns are performing, with greater transparency in the automation.

Audience Insights will be more apparent so we can understand our customers better and make decisions based on the data to drive performance.


There will be Privacy-Safe measurement in place. They’re launching later this year a ‘My Ad Centre’ which will allow users to choose the types of ads they want to see more or less of. It will allow a user to decide how their data can be used to inform ads being shown across YouTube, Search and Discover.

This brings with it the hope that as an advertiser we will only be targeting people who are engaged and relevant.

The full list of announcements and details from Google can be found here:

Recap of product announcements from Google Marketing Live 2022

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