How to drive additional sales ahead of Green Monday

Ellie Burns Written by Ellie Burns

3 min read   -  31st October, 2023

How to drive additional sales ahead of Green Monday

We’re all rushing around advertising our deals in the run-up to Christmas but that golden opportunity to maximise sales could be stifled by the humble Christmas delivery deadline. It often falls on the so-called 'Green Monday'. The race is on to raise awareness and drive more sales before that deadline passes.

Here’s what we’ll cover in this article about optimising sales before Green Monday:

What is Green Monday?

We’ve all heard of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but what exactly is Green Monday?

It’s the second Monday in December. This is the end of the peak rush period for your customers in the run-up to Christmas Day, all looking to jump on the last of the online sales. It’s also often the final day for customers to place an order with a guaranteed delivery by Christmas.

This year Green Monday falls on Monday 11th December 2023.

Some trivia for you; “Green Monday” was coined in 2007 when (a part of eBay) found a spike on the second Monday in December in online sales. It’s been known as Green Monday ever since, and each year, more and more marketers cater to this final push in festive shopping.

What to expect: You should see a spike in online traffic.

Create awareness campaigns - paid and organic

Next-day delivery has become a given, so online shoppers may need reminding that there’s a cut-off point for guaranteed Christmas delivery. Green Monday is nowhere near as well known as Black Friday, for example, so a reminder could be very helpful to your customers. Consider creating both paid and organic campaigns.

1. Organic campaign

  • Craft some engaging and relevant copy on your homepage and specifically choose high-converting pages to improve your ranking in the run-up to Green Monday.
  • It’s best to start early to give Google (and other search engines that your customers use) time to recognise your updates.

2. Paid campaign

  • Focus on ad copy that highlights the date of Green Monday and mentions any discounts that will be available until that day.
  • You’re providing information, along with enticing customers to make the most of any offers you’re running.
  • On longer text ads, it’s worth including extras like free shipping, and bundle offers to help your offers stand out.

Use a Green Monday hashtag strategy

The plan is simple: piggyback on existing hashtags to raise awareness of your offers.

Green Monday hashtag

1. Get multiple channels working together 

Your organic traffic from social media can be highly curated to fit Green Monday shoppers. You can then use social campaigns, along with updates on your website and simultaneous PPC campaigns to point customers in the right direction across multiple channels.

2. Converting engaged users

Take a look at your social media to see what your customers are already responding to. Green Monday generally won’t bring in entirely new audiences, but it is an ideal time to convert engaged users with a strong intent to buy in the run-up to Christmas. So check out what is already working, and double down.

3. Review your top-performing keywords for inspiration

Aside from user-generated hashtags that are popping up on social media, take a look at your top-performing keywords in Google Keyword Planner, along with existing data from your campaigns. Then simply build out Green Monday specific hashtags off of these top-performing keywords.

Don’t just go for Green Monday. Users are more likely to be searching for “holiday deals”, “Christmas offers” and “holiday gifts”.

Build anticipation in advance

Make it clear offers are limited

If you’re running offers and deals that will end after Green Monday, you need to raise awareness for your customer base. These deals won’t be around forever, but your customers won’t know that unless you tell them. They’ll jump at the chance to make a significant saving but may miss the boat if you don’t make it clear that there’s a limited period.

Offer guides to the best deals

Build anticipation with some curated social media and email campaigns that link to your paid and organic campaigns. Educate and inform as you go, offering guides to the best deals and when they’ll go live.

Summary of driving additional sales ahead of Green Monday

Your organic and paid marketing in the run-up to Green Monday is a chance to engage your audience, remind them of when they can take advantage of guaranteed Christmas delivery, and guide them to your offers. Through creating campaigns across multiple channels, you can maximise the exposure of your Green Monday deals and ensure as many of your customers can make the most of this final push on festive shopping!

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