How to master using ChatGPT for PPC

Ellie Burns Written by Ellie Burns

4 min read   -  21st September, 2023

How to master using ChatGPT for PPC

Used in the right way, ChatGPT can be a powerful tool to help drive better results and prevent inaccuracies in your PPC campaigns. But there’s definitely a knack to using AI effectively. It’s more than just asking a question, there’s a skill to getting the prompts right. This guide will take you through our top tips for using ChatGPT for PPC. 

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  • What is ChatGPT?
  • Using ChatGPT for competitor research
  • Generating or refining as copy 
  • Keyword research using ChatGPT
  • Optimising landing page relevance based on target keywords

What is ChatGPT?

We asked Chat GPT to introduce itself. Here’s what it said:

ChatGPT is a language model developed by OpenAI. It belongs to the family of models known as GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer)
ChatGPT, 2023


We’ve got a bit to add to that introduction

ChatGPT has been created and trained to follow instructions, typed by users. It then provides answers from its vast expanse of learnt data. This data comes from an original data set that was updated until September 2021, combined with an AI trained on masses of publicly available data, licensed data, and data created by its human trainers.

You can pay now for other versions. GPT-4 is available for ChatGPT Plus users for a monthly subscription. It is smarter and faster than its free counterpart. This article focuses on ChatGPT (built on GPT-3.5).

We get it! It sounds a bit sci-fi, but it’s very useful for marketers. Think of it like a conversation with a data set the size of the Internet. It’s conversational fact-finding and content generation, including PPC.


Here are some of the most useful ways you can employ ChatGPT to improve the performance of your PPC campaigns:

Using ChatGPT for competitor research 

1. Competitor lists and suggestions

Chances are, the internet pre-2021 knows more about the specifics of historical data and detailed information on your competitors than you do. Prompt it with some details about your business, who your customer base is, and ask for details on potential competitors. Be sure to specify locations unless you’re looking for a global answer.

You could ask for suggestions on who your competitors may be, to discover new companies to research in further detail. Or ask for a list of competitors ranked from largest to smallest to get a sense of the scale within your industry. 

2. Research into customer pain points

Taking a leaf out of your competitor’s books, you can ask ChatGPT for its take on customer pain points, using the URLs of your competitors as examples of the sort of marketing strategies, industry specifics and customer audience bases that you’re looking to market to. 

This can help uncover keywords and long tail search terms that you can then build out campaigns for. Or it could assist you alter existing campaigns to be more specific and relevant to your customer’s pain points.


Using ChatGPT for PPC

Creating PPC ad copy using ChatGPT 

1. Translations of ad copy

This is something that could save you hours of time in Google Translate! Simply copy text from an existing ad campaign and ask ChatGPT to translate it. Be sure to double back and check this translation through another translation source or a human translator, of course. The smallest errors stand out a mile to native speakers. That said, this can help speed up the process of translation vastly.

2. Generating product descriptions 

Product descriptions, especially for hundreds of similar products or large product lines, can be a time-consuming task that takes away from other areas of PPC management. ChatGPT can help you out here. It can digest a longer piece of text and break it up into smaller headlines and product descriptions, pulling out the most relevant data.

You could also feed in a list of products with an example description that you’ve written, then ask it to generate product descriptions in that example’s style for each product on the list. Hours of time, saved in an instant!

PPC keyword research using ChatGPT

You have an opportunity to go beyond the basic ideas for general keywords based on a service or product. ChatGPT excels as a resource for keyword suggestions that think a little further afield. This is a chance to broaden your keyword horizons.

  • Variations: Ask for variations based on a suggested keyword that you’re already working with. ChatGPT can provide Synonyms, related terms, and different phrasings that your customers may be searching for.
  • Niches: ChatGPT is an excellent brainstorming companion, and can help you with keywords in niches that you might not be as familiar with. Consider this to be a starting point for your research. You can then build upon the foundations you’ve laid with ChatGPT, and refine as you go.
  • Long tail keyword generation: This one’s a great way to quickly get ideas to build out a particularly well-performing campaign. Take a suggested relevant keyword and ask ChatGPT to generate some long tail variations. 

Optimising landing page relevance using ChatGPT

Take your landing page to the next level and link it heavily to your campaign through some strategic keyword placement. ChatGPT will provide ad copy including relevant keywords from a URL that you paste into your prompt. You could do this with a homepage, product page, or any page that you’re looking to improve.

Specify a word that all keyword suggestions should contain, to help guide ChatGPT in its suggestions. This will keep things relevant and ensure you get the results you’re looking for, faster.

Summary on using ChatGPT to improve PPC performance

We hope this guide has given you a launchpad to start using ChatGPT in your PPC campaigns. By harnessing ChatGPT's conversational and data-driven abilities, you can enhance your PPC strategies and save time on various tasks. This frees up time for you to focus on other PPC management tasks, and can ultimately help you drive up performance.

If you feel you need more help with your PPC campaigns, then we’re here for that. Get in touch to see how we might be able to help you with. 

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