The 'link' between PPC and SEO link building

Ellie Burns Written by Ellie Burns

3 min read   -  13th June, 2024

The 'link' between PPC and SEO link building

We’re all aware of the symbiotic relationship of SEO and PPC. It’s a digital marketing marriage made in heaven. Link building is a key component of SEO strategy, but how exactly can your PPC campaign inform your SEO, and vice-versa? 

In this article, we’ll delve into the dynamic interplay between PPC and SEO, via link building. It’s time to explore how you can enhance your SEO strategy, through quality backlinks, strategic PPC campaigns and organic traffic:

What does PPC and SEO link building have in common

Link building should not exist in isolation. It should be informed by other marketing techniques including your PPC strategy. Here are some of the ways that PPC and SEO are perfectly linked.

Effective Keyword Research
Both strategies involve targeting relevant keywords and optimising ad and content performance as a result. Whether it’s PPC or SEO monitoring, you’ll want to look for leaks, figure out what’s bringing in the most relevant traffic and how those demographic streams differ in terms of behaviour and trends over time.

Knowing your Audience
Both PPC and SEO link building aim to increase website visibility and drive traffic to your site. So your demographic data can play into your link strategy, building backlinks with those target groups being specifically catered to. If you know your audience, you can make it easier for them to find your brand through careful PPC and SEO management. Your findings from one will feed into the other, potenitally almost halving your research time overall.

Leveraging Automation
Both marketing mediums require the analysis of data and metrics to measure effectiveness and make informed decisions. In 2024 and beyond, both of those areas are being taken over to some extent by some powerful AI tools. If you’ve spent money and time working with a specialist SEO AI program, see how that data and analysis can be applied to your PPC campaigns. Twice the potential, from one single set of data.

Benefits of using PPC to help with link-building

A strong keyword strategy is the only way to bring in a successful ROI for your PPC campaigns, so take your existing research and run with it. Your PPC data can provide valuable insights into keyword performance and user behaviour surrounding those keywords. These metrics in turn can help identify potential link opportunities.

Furthermore, PPC ads can attract relevant traffic to your website, increasing the likelihood of earning backlinks from authoritative sources. It’s a win-win! 

Mine your data - what to look for

Analyse your PPC campaign data to identify top-performing keywords, ad copy, and landing pages. Look for patterns and trends in user behaviour, such as search queries and click-through rates. Then see how these findings relate to one another. What copy resonates with specific demographics? What results are having the most impact overall on your campaign ROI?

Identifying strong landing pages through PPC data can inform prioritisation in link-building campaigns, focusing efforts on high-performing pages. This way, you’re increasing your ad relevance through strategic URL pairings, which can boost the SEO of those landing pages through increased traffic while improving the quality score for your ads.

If you’ve taken some time over your keyword strategy, building out URLs based on keywords with a high search volume and low competition could create potential link-building opportunities. If you create pages based on these words and phrases, you could improve your site SEO and the ad relevance of any ad groups crafted with those keywords in mind.

How to use that data in your link-building strategy 

Here are a few tips on making those data points work hard for your link-building strategy.

  • Use insights from your PPC data to inform your SEO link-building strategy, such as targeting keywords with high commercial intent.
  • Create content optimised for target keywords identified through PPC campaigns to attract organic backlinks.
  • Reach out to relevant websites and influencers with data-backed pitches based on your PPC performance metrics. Digital PR, guest posting, and reclaiming unlinked brand mentions can enhance backlink profiles and improve website authority.


The joy of combining the data and analysis of your PPC and SEO strategies is the time you have already saved simply by choosing this strategy.

The hours spent improving your existing PPC campaigns are now twice as efficient, serving your SEO strategy alongside your PPC goals. If you take the time to leverage the insights from your PPC campaigns to inform your link-building strategy, you can identify valuable opportunities.

By boosting your PPC campaign, you’ll also enjoy the benefit of a stronger SEO rank thanks to the cross-over between your keywords, copy and link building. It’s time to embrace the “link” between PPC and SEO link building and watch as your brand’s online presence flourishes in a competitive digital landscape.

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