Using Google Local ads to attract potential customers

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4 min read   -  5th June, 2023

Using Google Local ads to attract potential customers

In an ever-increasingly digital age, it can be a challenge to attract potential customers to your in-person shop or service on the high street.

Thankfully, Google Ads has got your back. With Google Local campaigns, you can bring up the most relevant information about your physical location for anyone who might be interested in your brand.

But how do you get the most out of a Local campaign? Read on to learn all you need to know for your next campaign.

  1. What are Local ads?
  2. When to use Local ads
  3. How to get the best results from your Local ads
  4. The cons of using Local ads
  5. How to optimise your Local campaigns
  6. Local ads vs other ad types 

What are Local ads?

Google Local campaigns are designed to provide all the details a customer would need if they wanted to visit a shop, in real life. For example, if someone searches for “womens fashion near me”. They appear across Search, Display, Google Maps, Gmail and even YouTube when a user is geographically close to your business, or has shown an interest in your location. These ads also show when someone clicks your Google My Business profile.

Google Local ads example*Example from Google

When to use Local ads

If you want your shop to be easier for Google users to find directions to, see more information about the services or products they provide, or generally find a wider audience, Local ads are going to be useful.

How to get the best results from your Local ads

Be specific with your location targeting, so that you can individually track the metrics of each shop. That way you can give more budget to shops that have a higher footfall, or use your budget creatively to boost under-represented shops that you feel deserve more focus.

The cons of using Local ads

  • Limited targeting: As the focus of these campaigns is so location-specific, you're actually quite limited in your targeting of other demographics, such as interests or age range. We suggest making the most of Search and Display campaigns if you want to cater to a more targeted group.
  • Less control of ad placement: The joy of machine learning and the great Google algorithm, is that your Local ads are displayed in various locations based on what the algorithm determines. It’s worth keeping in mind that you have a lack of control over that placement. Keep on top of your negative keywords to help prevent any unwanted placements or budget spend.
  • Limited reach: Local ads are by their very nature, super specific when it comes to location targeting. This means that your campaigns will have a limited geographic range, but they'll be very relevant to any local users, or people interested in your brand’s physical location.

How to optimise your Local campaigns

Gather data over several months

Make the most of powerful data that you accumulate over a longer period of time, with campaigns lasting over 30 days. Your shop is unlikely to have to change its location frequently, so indulge in gathering data from this campaign over several months. This can be used to help inform future decisions for other campaigns for your brand.

Use engaging assets

All Local campaigns require at least 1 image, 1 logo and 1 YouTube video (lasting a minimum of 10 seconds). Using strong creative is a quick way to stand out from other Local campaigns, before you even get to the analytics stage.

Make the most of location extensions

Ensure you are using all of the available location extensions so that users can quickly learn everything about your business and its location. From contact details to directions, you can directly place this info in some of your local ads.

Local campaigns vs other ad types

Local campaigns are easily the best way to showcase shops and services in the real world. If you want footfall that isn’t just digital, Local ads are the best option for your campaign. 

Use them in conjunction with Search and Display

We believe these ads are best used in conjunction with Search and Display ad campaigns that compliment your overall brand strategy and connect the user throughout their multi-touchpoint journey.

Make sure your brand is not forgotten 

If you have a strong Local campaign strategy, your brand will not be forgotten when a user comes to search for its physical location. It’s a key moment on the road to any conversion, so be sure to make the most of the opportunity to stand out.

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Local ads summary

Local ads are a valuable tool in a PPC strategy when you’re looking to maximise in-person footfall. These campaigns can provide the most important information for potential customers and keep your brand front and centre when they’re searching for similar products.

With focused targeting and hyper-specific location settings, you can use engaging assets and build up strong historical data that will help guide your other ad campaigns in the process.


*Header image sourced by work experience students. Thank you

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