Why choose a career in digital marketing?

Helen Hawkins Written by Helen Hawkins

3 min read   -  15th March, 2023

Why choose a career in digital marketing?

Not sure which direction to go in for a career and therefore what course to do? You’re not alone - with thousands of different job types out there and new ones emerging all the time, it’s hard to link up what you enjoy doing with a job.

What is digital marketing?

Firstly, what exactly is marketing? The dictionary definition says: ‘The activity or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.’

Or in other words, it’s about telling potential customers about a product or service you offer that solves a problem or a need they have. 

Digital marketing is where the marketer uses digital channels like social media, email, and search engine marketing to talk to their potential customers. 

For example: if you’re taller than average, finding jeans that fit can be a mission. As a digital marketer, you use digital channels to let that person know you’ve got a solution for their issue i.e. jeans that come in a longer leg length. You’re there online in the places they’re looking for answers. Like an ad in their Instagram feed. 

How do you know if a digital marketing career would be right for you?

A career in digital marketing might suit you if you like to: 

Get lost down a rabbit hole on a topic that interests you 

In the world of digital marketing that’s called market research. You need to know what makes your customers (and therefore potential ones) tick. You’ll also need to look at what your competitors are doing and what you can learn from that. Or to be able to write a blog or social post. On that…

Spend time on social media 

In digital marketing that’s a given. You don’t necessarily need to post about your dinner or do a dance on TikTok. What you do need is to be up with the trends so you know how to make the most out of those channels to promote the company you’re working for. 

Plan gatherings and events 

Is it always left to you to organise things? Well, in terms of digital marketing that’s a tick in the box. Any form of marketing involves a lot of planning - campaigns, webinars, and scheduling social posts to name a few. 

Understand numbers - they don’t make you run for the hills 

Numbers (data) are your friend, not your enemy. Digital marketers are surrounded by data. You don’t need to be a whizz at maths but it’s important to be interested in what those numbers are telling you. They’re key to finding out what works, and more importantly what doesn’t.

Appreciate creative things - which doesn’t mean you draw or paint

Digital marketing is all about grabbing attention. As you’ll know from your own social feeds there’s so much competing for even a second of your time. Knowing how to stop the scroll is a skill you’ll need as well as finding new ways to do that all the time.  

Stay on top of the latest tech

Digital marketing is well, digital. Tech is at the forefront of the platforms you’ll use to reach customers - like Instagram and TikTok. It’s also behind what will be pumping out the data from your work. You’ll be using tech in lots of different ways, every day, so an interest in it is a real bonus.

Solve problems for people

Marketing is all about solving a problem for a customer by matching them with a solution. Sounds so simple. But that is what’s at the heart of it all. If you’re someone who likes helping people, that could be a really rewarding part of the job. 

Juggle multiple tasks - it’s an everyday occurrence

If you think about social media alone, you’re already working on multiple projects just with that. If you then add email, search engine marketing, copywriting for blog posts, competitor research, and…you get the idea. You’ll never be bored. 

Talk to people

In marketing speak, that’s being a ‘good communicator’ and ‘excellent at networking’. These are vital skills for any marketing role, digital or not. As we mentioned before marketing is all about solving problems for people by matching them with the right solution. To do that you need to be able to talk to them in a way they understand. You like being part of a team. Marketing is a team effort - working with product, sales, and customer services to name but a few.

To round up

If this sounds like you, then maybe a career in digital marketing is worth considering. It’s varied, creative, analytical, and people-focused. We're always looking for good people, check out our careers page. 

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