AI in data analytics - how it can help you up your game

Ellie Burns Written by Ellie Burns

4 min read   -  14th May, 2024

AI in data analytics - how it can help you up your game

One of the first areas of the digital marketing industry to benefit from AI was data analytics. Artificial intelligence has an innate ability to analyse massive data sets at speed, extracting valuable insights within seconds.

It’s this speed and finesse that can save you time and money, but only if you know how best to make use of the AI tools at your disposal:

What is AI analytics?

Wrangling the massive, ever-growing amounts of data that your digital marketing campaign creates is an ongoing challenge. AI analytics can help save you time, if you know how to use it. 

In brief, AI analytics is the term for integrating any AI tools to automate all or part of your data analytics process. It can include processes and techniques such as predictive analysis or anomaly detection, alongside other areas like recommendations. You’re actively using artificial intelligence to uncover insights in your data, to compliment your campaign strategy overall.

Why is it important and useful?

AI analytics is your most powerful option for analysing vast amounts of data at speed, and once you’ve mastered your own system and workflow, it’s probably the most efficient.

This saves you time and money, freeing up hours in your weekly schedule to focus on some of the more important, less time-consuming areas of your work. An especially useful element of this style of workflow, is how AI frees up hours of your day, allowing you to focus on analytics and campaign strategy.

Due to its sheer abilities with massive volumes of data, AI analytics can uncover hidden patterns and correlations within your data that might not be as easily accessible with historical analysis methods and tools. Human error is a fact of any digital marketer’s life. With AI, these minor mistakes can be mitigated.

There’s also the anti-human element to consider. Due to its artificial nature, AI analytics can enhance the accuracy of your data mining. It achieves this through reducing human error and bias, leading to potentially more reliable insights and predictions. Just be sure to check over everything that your AI uncovers; you’re still the expert on your campaign!

Ultimately, it’s the coming together of AI’s efficiency and speed, with your expertise and insight, where real progress can be made.

How to use the data?

Now, sometimes you can find yourself staring at a freshly exported spreadsheet of your most recent data. It can be difficult to know what data is useful and relevant to your analysis, and what is just crowding up your analytics dashboard.

Here’s what to focus on, with the help of AI, within your data sets:

One of the most useful abilities of AI is how it can segment your audiences based on their behaviour, preferences and demographics. This ultimately helps you tailor your campaigns in far more specific ways, appealing to each demographic group in turn.

An AI system “thinks” about data very differently to the human mind. So if you’re looking to identify trends and patterns in your data sets, AI analytics can uncover details in emerging trends that aren’t always obvious to the human eye. This can help you identify opportunities for growth in your existing strategy, and figure out what parts of your campaign need optimising and refining.

Similar to its efficiency in uncovering trends, AI analytics has a brilliant ability to detect anomalies and outliers in your data sets. These are the sort of things that can be difficult to detect and may go unnoticed. In this case, AI is here to double check on your behalf, just in case you’ve missed something.


Alongside all of this powerful data mining, AI analytics can take your data and create incredibly specific and detailed reports for you. It’s a great way to share your insights, highlighting your key findings for your coworkers and clients in a very visual way.

These reports can then be a launchpad for actionable insights in a form that is really easy to understand at a glance. Remember that sprawling spreadsheet from a few moments ago? Now it’s a simple bar chart for your client to see the most important data points in seconds, alongside a more detailed report for your coworkers to study.

Once again, you’ll be saving time. There’s nothing more frustrating than an undercooked report, full of messy metrics that detract from what you really want to get across. These powerful reporting tools can automate report generation for you and your team. Saving time, and headaches.

Future predictions for how AI will advance analytics

Let’s take a moment to talk about the future of AI. Its capabilities are developing at an ever-increasing rate; just consider how much AI has improved over the last 2 years. In brief, what is currently available and possible with mainstream AI is not what will be available in a few years time. Everything is set to improve and update at lightning speed.

This growth is expected to continue advancing at a faster pace over the next few years and beyond. With this comes a bit of a learning curve if you’d like to stay ahead of trends and be ready for the latest and greatest AI tech.

But alongside these new discoveries comes an improved accuracy and efficiency of the available predictive models. Basically, you’ll be able to make more informed decisions thanks to this data and improved accuracy.

As AI becomes more mainstream, less niche and more “everyday”, we’ll likely see AI analytics platforms become more accessible and user-friendly. This will allow businesses of all sizes to make the most of AI’s capabilities. 

In Conclusion

As the era of AI fully establishes itself, the possibilities for business innovation and growth are seemingly limitless. If you make the most of AI’s analytical opportunities for a fast and efficient workflow you can save your business time and money.

Crucially, the most transformative uses of AI involve the close connection between AI and human input. After all, it’s your campaign analysis, strategy and decisions that will shape your business. AI’s just there to help speed up your workflow, and assist your best decisions.

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