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Golfway web development case study

Meet our partner

Golfway are establishing themselves as the leading junior golf brand, working with international associations and local clubs to promote the sport to a younger generation.

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Golfway's challenge

The team at Golfway's mission is to get more youngsters active through golf. Initially looking for paid search support, it quickly became clear that the setup of their site and back-end systems were hampering progress.

Golfway outside a golf club
Investigating subpar results

Working with the Golfway team on their Search campaigns uncovered wider issues in their website. They were running ads that should have been converting well but weren't gaining any traction. Add in their complicated CMS setup and they had little to no visibility into how well the website was performing.

Girl hitting practice golf shots
Golfway branded golf clubs
Girl looking pleased hitting a golf shot
Engineered for growth

We re-platformed the existing design onto our framework, going to one CMS from three, helping them see immediate results. It gave them a solution to scale that they could trust.

Golfway 3
Golfway 4
Out of the rough and onto the green

Now that they can clearly measure their success, we're able to start strategically optimising with a clear view of performance and as a result, grow their reach.
There's still a fairway to go, but we're excited to be on this journey together.

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  • Golfway instructor with a group of young golfers
  • Girl hitting a golf shot

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