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James Paget Creative Glass Guild

Meet our partner

Creative Glass Guild started out in 1979 as a stained glass design and repair company. Since then the business has become more and more focused on stained glass supplies, tools and glass kilns. They've developed excellent glass craft courses which they teach on site.

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Creative Glass Guild's challenge

As the world moved increasingly online, they needed a website that could keep up with the pace of change and flex as the business grew. One that could also serve as an operational tool, enabling them to streamline processes like course bookings, checkout, and packing orders.

Creative Glass Guild class in sessions
A bespoke app for managing despatch

After visiting their facility and talking to the team about their main pain points, part of the project was to build an app for managing their warehouse operations. The aim was to cut down on human error with things like mixed-up orders. They’re now able to see who’s packed what, for where, and when something goes wrong there’s a fun family fortune buzzer - Probably our favourite bit!

Creative Glass Guild person cutting glass
Creative Glass Guild stained glass panels

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Evo has run our ecommerce platform for many years now. They have always been flexible and adaptable. Excellent team - highly recommended.

James Paget, Creative Glass Guild

Creative Glass Guild glass supplies on shelves
A website designed to evolve

They didn't want an off-the-shelf solution that would need completely rebuilding every few years. As a versatile business, they wanted a flexible, bespoke platform that could evolve and allow them to expand cost-effectively. As things have evolved, we've supported with building a full EPOS and course booking system.

Creative Glass Guild glass artwork
Creative Glass Guild shelves of glass pieces
Revenue up 45% year on year!

For them, another big part of the success was around the operational improvements, which were made possible by things like the warehouse app. As a result of drastically improved sales, they now open their shop just one day a week allowing more time to focus on their service and amazing courses.

  • Creative Glass Guild coloured glass pieces
  • Creative Glass Guild coloured glass pieces
  • Creative Glass Guild coloured glass pieces
  • Creative Glass Guild coloured glass pieces

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