Ramping up conversions for Boston Garage Equipment by over 100%

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Boston Garage Equipment paid search case study

Meet our partner

Boston Garage Equipment is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality vehicle workshop equipment. Their products and software are designed and manufactured in the UK wherever possible.

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Boston's challenge

Garage and MOT equipment is a very niche market. With their limited resources, they struggled with how to best spend their budgets in an efficient manner whilst trying to keep their cost per conversion down and drive a higher number of sales through their website. We’ve been partners since 2015, supporting them across their digital channels.

Boston Garage Equipment ramp
Bringing cost per clicks down

We created both Google Ads & Microsoft Ads campaigns directing traffic to the most profitable products and services on the website. With finite budgets, we've allocated the highest percentage of this to the best-performing campaigns enabling more leads and in return bringing the costs down.

Boston Garage Equipment ramp set up
Boston Garage Equipment buildings
Boston Garage Equipment multiple ramps
Reaching a wider audience

Amongst our Search campaigns, we’ve used Performance Max, allowing us to target the whole of the website and incorporate visual aspects too. This ensured the best headlines and visuals would be shown across Google’s channels and reach a wider audience.

Boston Garage Equipment testing set
Boston Garage Equipment ramp with car
5% increase in traffic, yet costs are down by 23%

Although traffic has only increased slightly, the overall quality of these leads has been far stronger, meaning conversions have more than doubled year-on-year.

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  • Boston Garage Equipment people talking in the garage
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  • Boston Garage Equipment cars on ramps

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