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LSL Web development case study

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LSL is one of the largest providers of services to mortgage intermediaries and franchised estate agencies and provides valuation services to many of the UK’s largest mortgage lenders.

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LSL's challenge

They had a third party providing a nurture programme solution to automate the process of contacting leads once they'd requested a valuation. They wanted to bring it in-house to reduce costs and improve the turnaround time on updates. The lengthy ones they had were costing them conversions.

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In-house nurture programme

Evo brought it in-house, integrating it with their property management system. The nurture programme now automatically pulls data on properties and generates the presentation that’s sent post-valuation, as well as setting reminders for follow-ups, sharpening up the process.

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LSL terraced houses

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Evo are highly knowledgeable about all things digital and a lovely bunch of people. Our relationship is one of colleagues rather than a client which has helped us drive great results.

Nicola Bareham, LSL Property Services

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Integration to improve efficiency

Previously it had been a challenge to get the branches to use the old nurture programme system. The integration of the two systems meant the staff in their branches could see the true value of the programme.

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LSL Your Move branch
Streamlined process increases conversions

The link between the web marketing team and the branches has improved. The branches now appreciate the value of the website more in terms of driving leads. They can ask for a change in the nurture programme and we’ll do it quickly. No more long wait times and frustration. Instead they’ve been able to increase conversions as a result.

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