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Alice Duxbury Ocean Motor Group

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Devon and Cornwall’s local automotive retailer - Ocean Group stocks BMW, Motorrad, MINI & INEOS. With the dealership’s routes tracking back to Plymouth as Grevan Cars, the surrounding community has always been at the heart of what they do. The modern showrooms host new and used models while providing facilities for servicing and repairs.

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Ocean Group's challenge

Seeking growth in the competitive automotive landscape, Ocean Group looked for a new agency to partner with that had previous industry experience. It became quickly apparent that Evo fitted this brief perfectly.

Set up by their previous agency, Ocean Group’s Paid Search strategy needed a facelift. We worked closely with the team, reviewing all Paid Search activity - refreshing keywords, ad copy, and imagery while targeting a refined but reliable audience to enhance conversions within the Devon & Cornwall area.

Paid Social presented similar challenges. Due to the specific showroom locations and competitive market - we focused on utilising creative and lead-focused ads to target a broader audience type across Facebook and Instagram. Not only were we looking to enhance brand awareness, but to put our ads in front of the people most likely to convert.

Ocean Group dealership aerial view
Restructuring the account

From the offset, we uncovered many missed opportunities within Paid Search. Creating a separate account for each brand was our first port of call.

This was an essential step for budget distribution and performance tracking. From here, our search experts began the journey of transforming the existing campaigns - focusing on quality leads in line with Ocean Group’s core KPIs.

Ocean Group motorbikes
Ocean Group MINI driving on a road

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Evo has helped us achieve our core KPIs by providing us with a real focus on the most important areas of the business.

Alice Duxbury, Ocean Motor Group

Ocean Group 4x4 driving in a river
Enhancing social visibility

Our strong relationship with Ocean Group transposed to new possibilities. Working hand in hand with Paid Search, we began a new Paid Social strategy.

With the ever-changing market, utilising a multi-platform approach has been vital for development. By pairing engaging visuals with targeted CTAs, backed by industry knowledge, their audience has progressed from acquisition to valued customers. 

Evo Team creating Ocean MINI advertising
Evo Team creating Ocean MINI advertising
Lead increases MoM: Paid Search 7%, Paid Social 36%

Across all brands: BMW, Motorrad, MINI & INEOS, our Paid traffic has generated quality leads through an uplift in engaged users. Our target audience has strongly resonated with our ads.

By revamping each brand's account, portraying the key Ocean Group image and utilising data-driven audiences, form submissions have increased by 7% for Paid Search and 36% for Paid Social. Analytics has been key in achieving this.

As well as providing Ocean Group with vital training to find and understand the metrics themselves, we have also continued to be tactile in analysing data to determine optimisations.

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