173% increase in conversions for CPS Fuels

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CPS Fuels paid search case study

Meet our partner

CPS Fuels was established in 1970 and is East Anglia’s leading fuel supplier for domestic and commercial use. They have a reputation for being reliable, friendly and trustworthy.

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CPS Fuel's challenge

The fuel industry is a very competitive and saturated market, meaning reaching new audiences and converting better than their competitors was a challenge - especially when delivering heating oil competitively is only profitable within the latter half of the year.

CPS Fuels tanker delivering fuel
Topping up their conversions

Due to the limited budget and saturated market, it was important to only target the most profitable keywords, focusing mainly on ‘exact match’. That meant the traffic generated would be more likely to convert as consumers were actively looking for that product.

Man delivering fuel
CPS Fuels tanker in wooded area

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The team at Evo have transformed the accounts so we're now able to reinvest the savings and additional revenue being generated to drive further growth for the business.

Ben Handford, CPS Fuels

CPS Fuels tanker on a construction site
Laser-focused targeting

Location targeting has been another important factor — due to the extent of CPS Fuels' delivery service. Adding this to our campaigns with radius's and even exact postcodes has meant we can target viable customers within catchment areas instead of losing money and leads on ineligible consumers.

Tractor in a field
Two CPS fuels tankers
Year-on-year conversions for CPS Fuels have increased by 173%

CPS Fuels' visibility has improved greatly, and both the average cost per conversion and cost per acquisition have reduced significantly.

  • CPS Fuels team stood next to tanker
  • CPS Fuels tanker delivering fuel
  • CPS Fuels tanker on a construction site
  • CPS Fuels tanker delivering fuel

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