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Your Move Web development case study

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Your Move is an estate agency with a UK-based network of branches. Their local property experts to help you buy, sell, rent or let out a property.

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Your Move's challenge

The existing Your Move site wasn’t responsive; a poor structure made it hard to navigate and it didn't cater for the diverse needs of their audiences - sellers, buyers, landlords and tenants.

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Defining clear user journeys

The first phase of the project was to organise all the content according to clearly defined user journeys, focusing on user engagement and retention. The navigation structure was then overhauled to ensure that all the information was accessible within no more than a couple of clicks.

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Evo has become an extension of our internal team. They’ve transformed the way the site functions and the improvement for our customers is immeasurable. We’d highly recommend working with the team at Evo.

Nicola Bareham, Your Move

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Bespoke user account portals

Account areas for property sellers, landlords, buyers and tenants were completely redesigned around the specific requirements for each audience making them fit for purpose.

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An improved user experience that’s driving retention

The site is now far easier to navigate with clearly defined areas for each audience type, delivering a vastly improved user experience, as well as an account portal to manage property sales, purchases and rentals.

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