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Intec Brackets has worked with Evo’s paid search team for 6 years. They are a leader in quality TV wall brackets and mounts, with first-class customer service.

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The goal for Intec Brackets was to scale back ad spend investment but with an increase in bounce rates on the site this was becoming increasingly difficult.

The challenge was to improve Google Ad spend efficiency. The solution was to redesign their website to increase conversion from a reduced budget.

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Relaunching Intec Brackets

We relaunched the website at the beginning of the year meaning our overall performance of the website improved once people came to the site.

Average Session Duration, Pages Per Session and the Bounce Rate have improved by ~20%. This has led to an improvement in our overall Conversion Rate.

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Having Evo on board gives us the confidence that our strategy and targets are consistently met, while also ensuring our newly revamped website is fully supported by their tech team.

Steve Hale, Marketing Manager

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The Challenge

The other challenges came from both the marketplace with the post-pandemic, post-Brexit and all during an impending recession.

We have also seen many changes from the Google suite with GA4 implementations, the introduction of Performance Max and the sunsetting of UA / Smart Shopping, Smart Display and Extended Text Ads (and many more).

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The strong trust and support from the Evo team to get through this year has been a testament to the relationship between the two businesses.

Our spending is down -8% Year on year, with the average CPC (Cost per click) down -6%. Our bounce rate has improved by 15%, and the pages per session are up 8%.

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  • 6% Cost per click decrease Year on Year
  • 15% Bounce rate improvement Year on Year
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